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crash courses

Crash courses offered

Learn to create your software frontend and develop its backend functionalities and apply your creativity and ideology and developing your own software.

D3 Design, development and deploy Software application

Learn creating amazing graphic images, graphic designing, photo manipulation, image recreation and photo retouching using photoshop.


learn DBMS (database management system) which is necessary for all the major software applications, by using SQL for data modelling, adding queries and database implementation.

database management system

C, C++ and C# are the widely used programming languages in the world. We offer the best learning experience in , C, C++ and C# programming languages.

C, C++ and C#

Learn java programming Language which is the base for developing android application and the most trending programming language in the world.

Java programming

We offer a detailed training on all the important computer hardware components and computer networking.

Computer hardware and networking

We train you in taking steps to set up a successful business by analysing all the risk factors and the possibilities to take the right decision.


We offer a complete course on microsoft .net which is a cross platform developer for building many types of applications.

Microsoft .net

We offer major and mini projects to students assuring quality work with original research.

major and mini projects